You take my broken halleluyahs.

And all my faithless amens.

You collect my desperate tears.

And all my consuming guilt.



In return, my praise is mended,

As in humble surrender and exchange I bend,

Only to rise singing songs of deliverance,

The shackles are off my feet so I can dance.

And all my burdens I have cast

On the only friend I have found to be faithful,

Who will all my sorrows share.

Because He knows my every weakness,

I took it to my Lord in prayer.

Just as He prayed to the Father for my forgiveness when every sin on Him was laid.

With His final declaration of ‘IT IS FINISHED’, this gift of love and righteousness slipped into my possession.

In a momentary fashion, damnation was exchanged for salvation.

Now I am His and He is mine.

Bought with the precious blood of Christ.

My Comforter, my All in All,

Here in the love of Christ I stand as all my guilt is erased.



Jesus You are

My High Priest and Burden Bearer.

A friend through it all.

Sweet Jesus, You are

The satisfaction to my desperation.





© O.M


When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”
JOHN 8:12

There is the assurance of eternal salvation in Jesus Christ. There is the assurance that the Light of the World will shine His light and dispel every darkness in our world. His light will reach to us in whatever ‘dark’ place we may find ourselves. In spite of how thick the darkness may be, His light will guide us back to Him. Whatever is blocking our view of Him is torn and leveled in His name. Choose to follow the True Light, keep following Him and grow in your understanding of and relation with Christ as Light. As the Light of the World. Remind yourself of this often.
May He light up your world!

It is dark.

I can barely see but I must keep going.

I’ve got an entire journey ahead of me with no knowledge of my bearing.

Yet I must keep going.

It is dark.

I can barely see but this is the cost of growing.



Growing and learning to trust that the Light isn’t unaware of this darkness.

Growing and learning to trust that the Light won’t leave me in this darkness.

Growing and learning to trust that the Light sees me struggling to shake off this darkness.

Growing and learning to trust that the Light will shine and illuminate this darkness.



In the meanwhile, it is still dark.

I can feel the darkness jeer as I stumble and fall.

All in the name of finding my way.

When will it be day?

I didn’t bring myself here

So, guiding Light where have You gone?

‘Daughter you are not alone.’

I know but it is so quiet in this darkness.

I can feel You but I turn and turn aimlessly,

I still cannot take hold of You.

I want to sit yet I find my feet moving as I crawl just to keep going.

With every forward movement I plead, speak hope to me once again.

Only to have pain and unbelief drag me back.

It is war and my opponent has the darkness as a shield.

This is unfamiliar territory, an unlevelled playing field.

Still I am not dissuaded as I rise again.

It is dark.

I can barely see but I must keep going.



I must keep growing.

Even on the days when I grow from barely seeing to not seeing

Because tears of disappointment cloud my flight

Because I am troubled by turbulent fright.

Light shine! Light so bright

Give me sight!

I am reminded of my call to walk by faith and not by sight,

Oh, how it is not by my might.

So keep walking despite.

Your Potter knows how to make it right.


Light of my World I need You.

Please step in and robe me with Your light, cause this darkness to hide.

Help me hold steadfastly to Your word that is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

Light of the World, we need You.

Restore peace, hope and joy to this ailing world.

Battle the darkness on our behalf and help us see You for who You truly are.

You have done it before.

I believe I’ll see You do it again.



Light of my World I need You.

Like a growing plant needs light to survive and grow,

I need You.

In this growth process you’ve brought me to, I need You.

Light of the world, please shine again.



© O.M


Enjoy one of my favourite songs. I hope it makes it to your list.


In my last post, I introduced ‘The P.O.J Series’ with the first piece titled ‘When Mercy Found Me’and I promised to tell what this series stands for. It stands for the PERSON OF JESUS (POJ) and through this writing challenge, we would be learning about the different attributes of Jesus that make Him the person that He is. The purpose of this series is to reflect in my writing this person of Jesus as I learn of Him with hopes that we’re all edified and enlightened. You are welcome on this journey/writing challenge with me. Stick around and keep an open mind 🙂

In continuation of The P.O.J Series, I was going to write on the person of Jesus as grace. However, this particular piece was strongly impressed on my heart instead. For what reason? Well, I needed to be reminded of Jesus as my intercessor and I hope that you are too. To that person that specifically needed this reminder, I pray this stirs up your heart and pushes you to adequately respond to the truth and reality of Jesus as your intercessor. Be encouraged and remain in awe of Him 🙂

I died as the man named Jesus interceding for you.

Now I live as the glorified King named Jesus seated at the right hand of the Father still interceding for you.

Does that truth not comfort you?

That I conquered death not to take a break in Heaven but to show you the love I have for you.

Does that truth not dumbfound you?



Oh well here comes your accuser,

Ready to do his job just like with Job.

Pointing out your flaws and failings, he makes a convincing case.

Right before his closing statement, I intervene with shouts of mercy,

Advancing your defense by reminding the court of my finished work on the cross

As my blood crosses out your wrongs which makes the devil cross.

So, you offer a Merci, seating once again with boldness as I assume my mercy seat.



I plead on your behalf even when you are quiet.

Does this not bring you to your knees?

Advocating in your favor as your Saviour.

So when you come before the Father, He sees you but He hears me.

Oh, the privilege you enjoy having the Son whom the Father loves dearly pray for you.

Oh, the privilege of having the name through which whatever you ask cannot be denied you.

Oh, the privilege of having a High Priest who sympathizes with your weakness fend for you.

I am Jesus, your perfect Intercessor!



For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men.

I am, the person of Jesus Christ,

Not your priests, angels, pope or any woman named Mary.

There is no other intermediary capable of mediating the better covenant,

Than the holy, undefiled, perfected and everlasting One who made a way for you to be redeemed unto the Father.

I am Jesus.

Intercessor Advocate Mediator.

© O.M


Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.

For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.

Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God. who also makes intercession for us.


Hey, I am starting a series on some key ‘principles’ (I do not know what else to call them) of Christianity going into the new year.
Something new and a great writing challenge for me.
I’ll title it ‘ THE P.O.J SERIES’, yes you will find out eventually what P.O.J stands for but wait till the new year.
So stick around and keep an open mind.

P.S: This is the first of the sequence.

Mercy found me on my knees
Begging with endless pleas,
‘Please, my King,
Unto You my lowly self I bring!’
Over and over, this was my heart’s sorrowful song
Sung unto my Lord, Mighty and Strong.
When Mercy found me.

When Mercy found me,
I could not breathe.
For my glorified temple of sin came crumbling down and there I was beneath.
Undeserving of rescue but Mercy said ‘no!’
So I presented my scarlet-stained records yet Mercy said ‘even though’,
Pointing me to the blood-stained cross
That built a bridge to the Father and carried me across.

When Mercy found me,
He came in the company of grace and love
So that when I was too tired to utter a prayer to God above,
Mercy interceded for me and grace empowered.
Even when I could not hold love for my tainted hands were cowards,
Mercy so tender washed me clean,
Please get what I mean.

When Mercy found me,
In the alley of unworthiness, badly beaten up by the bully called condemnation
He offered absolution and reconciliation.
Took my stripes on His back, stricken and afflicted
So this very girl could never be restricted.
Where awful judgment should have been my conclusion,
You made everlasting life my portion.

When Mercy found me,
He towered over me, my Solid Cover.
‘My Loving Preserver
Take my corrupted words
Give me Yours which is sharper than all two-edged swords.’
Where grace was once frustrated,
Mercy invades where sin once separated.

When Mercy found me,
He roared courage and made me bold.
Took my broken pieces and made me into this masterpiece mold
Mercy so great I could never run from Him.
Mercy so everlasting I could never exhaust Him.
For the Lord is good
And His mercy endures forever, just as He would.

                                                        ©  O.M

Psalm 116:1-9

 I love the Lord, because He has heard
My voice and my supplications.
Because He has inclined His ear to me,
Therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live.

The pains of death surrounded me,
And the pangs of Sheol laid hold of me;
I found trouble and sorrow.
Then I called upon the name of the Lord:
“O Lord, I implore You, deliver my soul!”

Gracious is the Lord, and righteous;
Yes, our God is merciful.
The Lord preserves the simple;
I was brought low, and He saved me.
Return to your rest, O my soul,
For the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.

For You have delivered my soul from death,
My eyes from tears,
And my feet from falling.
I will walk before the Lord
In the land of the

Heavy Hearts Do Overflow

This is still new to me.

I say new because I’ll never get used to it

This pain I’ll never get used to it.

It will feel familiar but different every time.

This is still new to me.

Experiencing someone else’s pain,

New level, new peril

You never get acquainted.

This is still new to me.

Fighting for yourself while grabbing the hand of the slipping man beside

To offer comfort or safety you probably lack yourself.

Survival of the fittest, no one truly passes the test.

This is still new to me.

How reality doesn’t mind travelling miles just to slap you in the face.

How hate rides the waves of countless oceans

But love drowns when it attempts to leave the shore.

This is still new to me.

I know for every gram of pain and toil, helplessness and darkness

There is an ounce of fight , hope, light and flight.

This is just still new to me.



                                                    © O.M

Heyy, my heart is just heavy but I am alright.

I would like to know how you express your heavy heart, what do you do?
Leave a comment below if you so wish :)

As for me, I always pray because I know God cares about that too.
His love is very comforting. This in itself is enough but other times,
ink meets paper and they do this lovely dance that's soothing.


Leaving & Cleaving

Leaving the world and everything it has to offer while cleaving to the Word and

Everything He has to offer is the culture of being transformed.

A simultaneous spiritual exercise for those who have accepted Christ’s proposal

Verily shall a man leave his father and mother, cleave to his wife and become one

I in Christ and Christ in me.

No compromise, no lukewarmness till Christ is thoroughly

Glorified even through our mortal man.




Accepting and allowing the Truth of God displace the lies we’ve been fed

Now that’s how we leave and cleave.

Devoted bride of Christ, no longer dabbling in harlotry with the world.




Conformed or transformed?

Lusting after the world or enjoying the love of Christ expressly made available?

Expect our Husband to come searching for his betrothed one day,

A shame it will be if a cleaving bride He could not find

Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity! Let’s step out of darkness

Into God’s marvelous Light,

Nearer to Life and far from death, nearer to Life and far from death. A

Godlike generation actively fighting Godlessness and the ‘good’ that isn’t God.


                                              ©  O.M

You Should Know By Now

To Her,

As of now I have failed to summon the amount of courage needed to tell you this.
I wish I could wait for the day when that would be
But on the inside of me, there is fire on the mountain.
So I turn to alphabets empowering them to be my release.
I do pray that by tomorrow these words won't matter one bit
Because today you will grow and the shoe will no longer fit.
You should know by now that you deserve better.
Or is it until your crown no longer glistens?
You should know by now that you are of great value.
Or are you waiting for your gold to corrode
In the hands of a pauper too blind to recognise that you are treasure in every measure?
You should know by now that you deserve better.
I am tired of hurting from your pain that multiplies mine.
Why are you subjected to competing for his attention?
Isn't your love for him consuming enough?
Now you see yourself as never enough, paying compensation for his damages.
I want to write pages upon pages
But my heart hurts with every word, it really hurts

And I am frustrated when you blame love
For his failings that you clearly see but never see reason to address.
Maybe that's what society has taught you best friend-
To embrace him and lose yourself while doing it.
Otherwise explain to me why your dreams don't even want to associate with you.
Yes love is sacrifice, but why are you endlessly offering yourself on his table
When all he stands to represent is Cain?
Darling, love is clear and love is plain,
Please open your eyes and see that his is a chain.
You bet I'm angry and I can't even feign.
Love is tender so when his hands show everything but that
And I'm left soothing you from the lash of his tongue
I ask you why and you say love, I just don't get it.
I really just don't get it.

I have mourned for you...
Mourned for the future we painted as children
Because this definitely isn't it.
Mourned for the venom you've reluctantly had to swallow
Poisoning your innocence and delicacy
You deserve so much better my queen.
Growing up, I've always promised to fight for you,
Especially in moments when you lack the strength to do so for yourself.
Today I upheld my promise to you.
Today I did right by you and I made sure he did too in the least way possible.
I fought for the queen I know you to be, saved you from the slave he made you into.
So when he calls for a breakup and you call me, I'll pretend like I didn’t orchestrate it.
And you'll cry but I know you'll be okay.
You will no longer hurt me because you are free from pain,
I know you will be okay and inevitably I will be okay
Because he'll no longer be there to put out your fire
So you will gradually burn brighter and I hope to recognise you again.

I don't intend to be your knight.
I just want to see your phoenix take flight,
I want to hear your voice again empowered with might
Knowing that the only person you're competing with is yourself.
Now that is enough pay for me,
Knowing that you don't pay attention when they say you deserve less
But go for that best they secluded for the rest,
Now that is enough pay for me.
You know I wrote this one for you.

I hope you never settle for less in life and I hope you’re surrounded by people that ensure you don’t.

© O.M


You will be okay.

You will be fine.

Right here is where you begin to wonder

Whether there be any true comfort in these words of mine.

But will you accept what I offer?

I come bearing gifts.

Come on, do not leave me hanging, rather

Hang on to these very words…

You will be okay,

You will be fine.

Yes, I offer them again.


I could paint a magnificent illusion with my words for you,

Of the light beyond the tunnel and the ray of sun beyond the cloud gather,

You pictured it right? Point proven.

However, I am not in the mood for selling mainstream dreams,

So you will be okay and you will be fine.

I wish this gift of mine to you came with a tag describing when and how

But then I don’t since I am not in the mood for selling comfort either.

Truth on the other hand, I can sell everyday.

And this you already know, you will be okay and you will be fine.

You will eventually breathe better.

One day you will seek to lull yourself to sleep with the usual oceans that pour from your eyes and they will be scarce.

For the fist of pain around your heart will gradually but surely unclench and you will be overwhelmed by joy no longer fear and grief.

You will hesitantly welcome a stranger in who will befriend you,

He will need no introductions and he will consume you,

Your face, heart and eyes will pine for him because he is ample just like that,

His name is s m i l e.

Now that you’ve been briefly introduced, make sure you get acquainted later.

You thought it was a person? Him or her? Hmmm



So to you that I do not know, I offer that which I know,

You will be okay.

You will be fine.

How do I know?

I know since this is a gift addressed to myself too.

As I opened the door to receive my parcel,

Standing there was mailman Future, Present and Past.

Uncle Past was dragging Uncle Present down memory lane which was really my lawn but okay.

Showing him that the only reason he existed was because my “not okay’s” and “not fine’s” combined beautifully to create him.

Then Uncle Future turned to Uncle Present with a smile-whispering-hope and Present was assured.


“You are fine.

You are okay.”

They said to me as the trio walked away.



©  O.M


Purple skies and yellow lights,

Peaceful nights and sweet meat pies.

Vanilla and elderberry fill the air,

Mr Shobande’s favourite combination of scent.

Disappears one minute and fills the next.

Just. Like . Him.


Mrs Shobande storms into the room

Complaining of the heat from the candles.

I think it’s the memory of him she’s really angry at but okay

This cup of Lipton tea is too sweet.

She waltz to Lara George playing so softly from my phone as she makes her way to the kitchen.

The sweet smell of her ofada sauce no longer bangs on the door.

Celebrating its freedom, it wafts through the corridor to my nose and makes its home there.

Only for grumpy Mr Salivary Glands to demand damages in immediate satisfaction for being awoken too soon.



Purple flowers and brown clay,

Ade Shobande o ma ti dele and it’s been three hours.

Patriotism and service to his country is all he knows.

I’ll try his Airtel number first then his 0809ja for lyf.

I hope he is in no trouble, I did warn him about wearing his camouflage t-shirt in these hostile streets.

Ready to limp off that thought I hear the sound I’ve become accustomed to,
His Honda Accord coughing and coughing before dying at the turn of a key.

I hear the wings of worry flutter away and anger makes a splashy entrance into the sea of emotions in my heart.

Ade ti dele sugbon o ti yo!

Before I open the door I can smell the city’s night life all over him.

From the Gulder to the paraga and Ireti’s cheap perfume, Ew!

“Buy the naira to grow the naira” he shouts in my face and I want to slam the door in his.

This is his way of service and grand showcase of patriotism to his country.



Purple vessels and pink jojoba,

Ayo Shobande sits and settles as I weave her koroba.

She tells the usual tale of her grandfather, the Oba to her little brother and his body relaxes as sleep captures.

A soft breeze caresses my neck and arms,

Luring me to the realisation that my neighbours aren’t as royal, magical nor mysterious as they appear.



I walk over to my house with a bowl of ofada rice and sauce safely tucked under my arm

Leaving that house with a deeper appreciation for the colour purple.

Knowing that under close scrutiny, what is purple on the outside is just red and blue on the inside.

Very much like my neighbours, the Shobandes.





©  O.M