O C E A N S.

You saw me in my ocean, very close to finally drowning. You rowed over, threw me a life jacket and pulled me on board. We cruised these deadly waters, rose above all of the storms and when the winds blew us down, you carefully picked us up and built a stronger house that the wolf couldn’t blow down no matter how many times he puffed and puffed. Then the day came when shore was in sight and I could almost feel the coarse sands between my fingers and I could see the sea shells gleaming, but you took a detour and steered me away from what I was hoping for. We passed the spot where you first saw me and I thought we were taking a nice drift down memory lane. That’s when it occurred to me, I hoped you were nice enough to leave me where you found me at least. Until you pushed me overboard further from shore than I had ever been and you looked me right in the blue eyes you said you loved and told me to find my way, and as you drove away with the map and the will to fight, it was in that moment I noticed the weight attached to my right foot and a sea shell tucked safely in my hand


©   O.M

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