This week has brought with it one bad news or the other.
I heard she fainted while leaving the office, dear mother!
I earnestly hoped it wasn’t cancer but the test results laughed in my face asking
“Why even bother?”

Chemical engineering proved all my long nights and library hours worthless.
And I cried and cried because I genuinely put in my best.
That didn’t make the pain any less but I sure was left a scholastic mess.
Yet I cannot get out of my head: ‘fluid mechanics’ and ‘separation process’

You know how Alexandra was going to school in Minnesota?
Yes, I said was.
All I heard when her mum called was “shot” “dead”
“I thought as her best friend, you would like to know” she said.
I slept off crying about how the cop who did it would get away with it, that was Wednesday.

Thursday I couldn’t get out of bed.
Heavy were my legs and with everything else, I just could not!
Monday’s fear came rushing in, left my chest in a knot.
I promise you, I fought. I really did try but I didn’t have a shot.

Thank God it’s Friday.
Maybe by its end I wouldn’t really feel how much my burdens weigh.
Two steps into the bar I faintly hear “Trey. Rather, get on your knees and pray.”
Took a look around, this wasn’t really my scene.
I aimlessly walked around all night, my head refused to clear.

Sat- ur – day
So I  spent the day sitting at your side.
It’s been three years pops!
I guess you won’t be there to walk down the aisle with this bride.
I know you would have cried and had on your face a smile so wide.

It is so sunny outside.
While admiring nature, I catch my lips break into a smile.
It feels really strange an act.
And temporarily light shines as the shadows retract.
Sunday, it has all been made new and that’s a fact!


©   O.M

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