J A N E.

To you,
Her cup of tea.

Like her early morning tea, she let you in.
One sugar filled sip at a time.

Like her math assignment, you kept her up.
Wondering, calculating, yawning.

She thought her mind was made up from the beginning.
She thought she had it under control.

Like a predator, you started slowly.
Took your time to figure out the weak spots.
How she likes when you call her full name.
The way she loves when you ask her to stay.

Till time progressed and she couldn’t detach herself.

You took up her morning and night.
Her noon and her evenings too.
Her smiles, her sighs, her eyes.
You were the reason behind that too.
Abandoned friends, dead conversations.
She left everything for you. Just focused.

I think the tower came tumbling down when she asked for clarity.
But all I got was that you hit her in the face with the friend tag.

Clamped her heart and towed it to the buddy zone.
So she ignored the buzzing of her phone.
She tried the happy tone.
Trust me, no one would have known.

Now I’m walking in while you’re walking out.
Left to take care of the tears that come after the pout.

She still can’t get you out , like a stubborn stain.
And I hope you never forget Jane.

I think she finally settled for her water.
Plain, tasteless and safe.

Her dear friend.

© O.M

The Seasonal Reason.

So its Christmas day.

Expect the merriment and seasonal cheer.

Also common is the song about some deer.

So its Christmas day.



So its Christmas day.

Bells ringing and humans singing.

Cameras clicking and food cooking.

So its Christmas day.



So its Christmas day.

Santa has visited once again.

Left the children with dolls and toy trains.

So its Christmas day.



So its Christmas again.

The streets are lined with gold.

And on this very day a baby was born behold,

So its Christmas again.



So its Christmas again.

Glory to the new born King.

Wonderful, Counsellor. Good tidings we bring.

So its Christmas again.



So its Christmas again.

Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of peace.

Christ the Saviour is born and He brings peace.

So its Christmas again .



So its Christmas again.

A day filled with love, yes this is the season.

I hope you remember that Jesus is the reason.

So its Christmas again.


©   O.M

1st John 3:18

“My little children, let us love neither in word nor in tongue but in deed and truth. “
-1st John 3: 18

It’s very easy to shower someone with those three words.
Rolls off our tongues, simple as chords.

Utterances based on some indescribable feeling inside.
Sometimes negligently spoken without a forethought of the true meaning.
Sometimes, it is just what you would expect of a bride.

Tainted in its definition.
Conditional in its exhibition.
Demonstrated in remission.

Permit me to say that we’ve only just began to scratch the surface.
And in order for us to fully comprehend;
We must focus on the ultimate standard, that saving grace.

Painfully displayed on that cross.
Eternally pardoned through His loss.
This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down His life for us.

Show love, speak love.
Your love should be visible and practical
Not just audible and theoretical.

©  O.M

O C E A N S.

You saw me in my ocean, very close to finally drowning. You rowed over, threw me a life jacket and pulled me on board. We cruised these deadly waters, rose above all of the storms and when the winds blew us down, you carefully picked us up and built a stronger house that the wolf couldn’t blow down no matter how many times he puffed and puffed. Then the day came when shore was in sight and I could almost feel the coarse sands between my fingers and I could see the sea shells gleaming, but you took a detour and steered me away from what I was hoping for. We passed the spot where you first saw me and I thought we were taking a nice drift down memory lane. That’s when it occurred to me, I hoped you were nice enough to leave me where you found me at least. Until you pushed me overboard further from shore than I had ever been and you looked me right in the blue eyes you said you loved and told me to find my way, and as you drove away with the map and the will to fight, it was in that moment I noticed the weight attached to my right foot and a sea shell tucked safely in my hand


©   O.M