Heavy Hearts Do Overflow

This is still new to me.

I say new because I’ll never get used to it

This pain I’ll never get used to it.

It will feel familiar but different every time.

This is still new to me.

Experiencing someone else’s pain,

New level, new peril

You never get acquainted.

This is still new to me.

Fighting for yourself while grabbing the hand of the slipping man beside

To offer comfort or safety you probably lack yourself.

Survival of the fittest, no one truly passes the test.

This is still new to me.

How reality doesn’t mind travelling miles just to slap you in the face.

How hate rides the waves of countless oceans

But love drowns when it attempts to leave the shore.

This is still new to me.

I know for every gram of pain and toil, helplessness and darkness

There is an ounce of fight , hope, light and flight.

This is just still new to me.



                                                    © O.M

Heyy, my heart is just heavy but I am alright.

I would like to know how you express your heavy heart, what do you do?
Leave a comment below if you so wish :)

As for me, I always pray because I know God cares about that too.
His love is very comforting. This in itself is enough but other times,
ink meets paper and they do this lovely dance that's soothing.