J A N E.

To you,
Her cup of tea.

Like her early morning tea, she let you in.
One sugar filled sip at a time.

Like her math assignment, you kept her up.
Wondering, calculating, yawning.

She thought her mind was made up from the beginning.
She thought she had it under control.

Like a predator, you started slowly.
Took your time to figure out the weak spots.
How she likes when you call her full name.
The way she loves when you ask her to stay.

Till time progressed and she couldn’t detach herself.

You took up her morning and night.
Her noon and her evenings too.
Her smiles, her sighs, her eyes.
You were the reason behind that too.
Abandoned friends, dead conversations.
She left everything for you. Just focused.

I think the tower came tumbling down when she asked for clarity.
But all I got was that you hit her in the face with the friend tag.

Clamped her heart and towed it to the buddy zone.
So she ignored the buzzing of her phone.
She tried the happy tone.
Trust me, no one would have known.

Now I’m walking in while you’re walking out.
Left to take care of the tears that come after the pout.

She still can’t get you out , like a stubborn stain.
And I hope you never forget Jane.

I think she finally settled for her water.
Plain, tasteless and safe.

Her dear friend.

© O.M