You will be okay.

You will be fine.

Right here is where you begin to wonder

Whether there be any true comfort in these words of mine.

But will you accept what I offer?

I come bearing gifts.

Come on, do not leave me hanging, rather

Hang on to these very words…

You will be okay,

You will be fine.

Yes, I offer them again.


I could paint a magnificent illusion with my words for you,

Of the light beyond the tunnel and the ray of sun beyond the cloud gather,

You pictured it right? Point proven.

However, I am not in the mood for selling mainstream dreams,

So you will be okay and you will be fine.

I wish this gift of mine to you came with a tag describing when and how

But then I don’t since I am not in the mood for selling comfort either.

Truth on the other hand, I can sell everyday.

And this you already know, you will be okay and you will be fine.

You will eventually breathe better.

One day you will seek to lull yourself to sleep with the usual oceans that pour from your eyes and they will be scarce.

For the fist of pain around your heart will gradually but surely unclench and you will be overwhelmed by joy no longer fear and grief.

You will hesitantly welcome a stranger in who will befriend you,

He will need no introductions and he will consume you,

Your face, heart and eyes will pine for him because he is ample just like that,

His name is s m i l e.

Now that you’ve been briefly introduced, make sure you get acquainted later.

You thought it was a person? Him or her? Hmmm



So to you that I do not know, I offer that which I know,

You will be okay.

You will be fine.

How do I know?

I know since this is a gift addressed to myself too.

As I opened the door to receive my parcel,

Standing there was mailman Future, Present and Past.

Uncle Past was dragging Uncle Present down memory lane which was really my lawn but okay.

Showing him that the only reason he existed was because my “not okay’s” and “not fine’s” combined beautifully to create him.

Then Uncle Future turned to Uncle Present with a smile-whispering-hope and Present was assured.


“You are fine.

You are okay.”

They said to me as the trio walked away.



©  O.M